A Successful Ending for MUPYME Project: 300 participants from eight different European countries attended the multiplier event in Mérida

On June 29th the international seminar of Project MUPYME was held at Centro Cultural Alcazaba in Mérida. That event put an end to two years of […]

The Final Event of MUPYME Project: Employment and Women on the 21st century. From Household Economy to different economy contexts

Project MUPYME will hold its international seminar on June 29th in Mérida (Spain) in order to share its progress and results regarding its main objectives: a/ […]

Women in the 21st Century. MUPYME: from household management to other management contexts. How can skills acquired by housewives at home be upgraded for their implementation in business management?

The results of MUPYME Project will be presented on June 29th. When talking about professional qualification, management is lacking. There is a need for expert managers […]

MUPYME, a training process made by and aimed to women

Education and life-long training experts from seven different countries within the EU have met in order to work together on a training plan specifically aimed to […]